Canadian Alt Rockers ‘1971’ Say Goodbye To Their Lost Friend And Founding Member ‘Cameron Glen Cranston’…

Sonic musings for the twilight hours…

Last February Cameron Glen Cranston, bassist and founding member of Canadian indie rockers 1971 passed away suddenly, only 25 years old. The band decided to not continue without their lost soul brother, instead, they chose to say goodbye with the release of their last existing recordings with Cameron. Two unreleased demos actually. The first one called ‘Anxiety (In the Depths of Northwestern Ontario)’. Here’s the gripping heartbreaker…

The band will release this one as well as two other songs on cassette
and 7” vinyl via Art Of The Uncarved Block on 1 December.

“We really hope this release properly puts this band to rest and we hope it touches
some people who might have experienced something similar to what we went through. Cameron was a great musician and an inspiration to a lot of people he knew. He deserves
to be heard and remembered.

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