THE MEDICINE DOLLS Release Brand New 6-Track Kamikaze Punk EP ‘LOST LOVE LULLABIES’…

New sonic impulses to activate your senses…


5 January 2018

As already told several times here before DIY garage rock misfits THE MEDICINE DOLLS are a perplexing three-piece. They sound like early The Cramps fronted by Nick Cave when he was going totally mental with The Birthday Party and they look exactly like the runaway grandchildren of that legendary New York Dolls gang. They are natural born outsiders doing what they do best: creating DIY kamikaze punk mayhem drenched with agitated passion and barbed wire tantrums. Producing raw primal rock and bloody roll shouting is what their confused raison d’être is all about. Their brand new 6-track EP titled ‘LOST LOVE LULLABIES‘ is filled with ardent paroxysms (Kiss Kiss Kill Me / Take The Bitter With The Better) and scream along eruptions (Best Dress / If I Had Your Daddy’s Money ) while the pitch black, depressive closer ‘Lost Love Lullaby‘, sung by Robert Smith‘s ghost, is a tormented emo burst for damaged hearts and carved souls. Haunting stuff! Hello 2018…

THE MEDICINE DOLLS: Facebook – Twitter

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