GAUSS – Cinematic Electro Pop To Get Completely Lost In…

Weekly vibe to soundtrack your favorite 48 hours…


10/11 February 2018

(photo: Henk Cottenier)

GAUSS is a Belgian electro pop duo producing dreamy sonic waves for the late night
hours. Their brand debut new debut album BIOMETRICAL LOVE feels like a trance like symphony colored beautifully with enchanting singer Mati Le Dee‘s angelic voice – floating somewhere between Björk and Florence Welch – and Emile Sertyn“s electronic explorations. A relaxing experience for your mind’s imagination. A tribal trip that will elevate you to a higher level, to a place called phantasy. If you never heard of this vibrant Brussels based tandem I propose to start right here with the graceful beauty of the title track…

You can stream/purchase longplayer BIOMETRICAL LOVE on iTunes

GAUSS: Website – Facebook – Instagram

Cinematic psychedelia at the album release show in my hometown Ghent last Thursday

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