ELEFANT Wackos Launch New Wacko Clip For Wacko Track Of Upcoming Wacko Album – Here’s… WIE SCHARF IST DEIN MESSER?

13 February 2018

ElEfAnT jUsT lAUnCHed A neW TrAcK fRom tHeir UpCOmiNG And lONg-aWaiTeD dEBut alBUm. WiE SchARf IsT dEN MeSSer? iS aNOthEr WaCKo NiGHtmARe oN elM stREEt. A mENtal rOLlercOAstEr. SloW, fASt, slOW, fASt. a MelODiC mETAl blOW. An EarSPliTTiNg HaMMer. I jUst CAn’t bEhAVe noRMal, moVe nORmAl, BrEAthE nORmaL, PISs NorMAl oR wrITe nORmaL wHEn tHEse CuckOOs shaTTer mY PoOr BrAIn WiTh RiP-rOAriNG SHIt LiKe ThIs. DAmn YOu, MoTHerFUckERs…

EleFAnT: FaCEbOOk – YoU tUBe – BaNDcaMp


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