To Hell With Blue Mondays – Here’s Ecstatic Pop Trinity MAINLAND With Stimulating New Single… ‘HOMETOWN’

Weekly vibes to kick Blue Mondays in the ass

19 February 2018

New York-based trinity MAINLAND will turn your Blue Monday into a joyful happening. Their new single HOMELAND is a vibrant pop stroke that’ll make you euphoric and give you a boost to scream and dance along. It’s a highly sonic stimulus for young people with doubts. An upbeat encouragement for troubled teenagers. Frontman Jordan Topf explains:

“In writing this song I wanted to channel that feeling of escaping to a big city like New York or Los Angeles and breaking free from the surroundings that haunt your teenage life. A lot of the friends I made and spent time with as a teenager who got stuck in Santa Cruz turned to black tar heroin. I lost many friends to drug abuse. The song is extremely special to me for that reason because I battled to break out of my drug-ridden community to chase my dreams in New York where I met Corey and Alex and formed Mainland. I always knew there was a light at the end of the tunnel. Many children in America are trying to run away from things that may hurt them, destroy their relationships, or lead them down a dark path. I just hope the song inspires people to hang on and chase their passions, knowing that there’s always someone who understands them out there.”

Here we go…

MAINLAND: Website – Facebook – Instagram – Twitter

HOMETOWN – available on iTunes

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