To Hell With Blue Mondays… Here’s Bulldozer STRUGGLES WITH SYNTAX

Noisy jams to kick Blue Mondays in the face…

25 January 2021

In all the time Turn Up The Volume features the weekly ‘To Hell With Blue Mondays’
this is, without a show of a doubt, the most fitting cannonball ever. Ever! Ever!

The guilty party? STRUGGLES WITH SYNTAX, noise adventurers from London.
The guilty bomb? The fourth and final track from their upcoming EP UK Garage
Floor Fillers Vol. 4

MONDAY BLUEZ is a tempestuous sledgehammer “that focuses on a low ebb and
a kind of desperate outpouring of fury – like screaming into the abyss with a few tins
of Special Brew in hand.”

A hardcore cannonball doing your poor post-weekend hangover-head in with
a hellish two-in-one explosion that’ll make your ears ring until next weekend.

And the clip made me LOL. Each member at home, doing… nothing really,
talking to each other with their mics off, pretending they know the lyrics and
having a smoke and a beer. Yes, looks exactly like a genuine Blue Monday.

Check it out, folks…

All 3, out of the 4 EP tracks
right here on Spotify


To Hell With Blue Mondays – Here’s All That You Need… THE ASSIST

Weekly vibes to kick Blue Mondays in the ass…

12 March 2018

From Walsall, England here’s buzzing engine THE ASSIST. This heated four-piece describe their sound themselves as “siren guitar synths wailing, growling bass bouncing like a blue fizzy drink. In the distance you can see a light and in the wind you hear the sound of angels singing.”

These rascals surely walk it like they talk it. New single ALL THAT I NEED is a titanic cherry bomb. Big tune, big vocals, big orchestration, big chorus. You will scream along to this stirring crackerjack on the top of your lungs. Ace stroke! Press right here and go ballistic…

THE ASSIST: Facebook –  You Tube – Twitter

New EP LOST out in May.

To Hell With Blue Mondays – From Manchester Here’s Hefty And Strident Trio LIINES…

Weekly havoc to kick Blue Mondays in the ass

26 February 2018

From buzzing Manchester here are the raging LIINES. A hefty and strident all female trio
on the British post-punk/new-wave scene, with comparisons ranging from Savages to PINS to Desperate Journalist. Their sound is a blend of Riot Grrrl, post-punk and alt-rock sounds with dark angular undertones and brooding introspection of Joy Division, the high energy of The Pixies and the emotive sound of Sleater-Kinney wrapped in catchy fast-paced riff-laden songs.”

New clamorous single SHALLOW demonstrates sharply what their ardent sonic fever
is all about. Here’s a piercing whack that grabs you by the throat from start to finish.
A robust reflection about obsessive feelings fueled by cracking riffs and spine-chilling vocals. A scary hit aiming at your troubled soul. Check the emotional urgency right here…

LIINES: Website – Facebook – Twitter

LINES’ upcoming STOP-START album is out on 4 May via Reckless Yes Records

To Hell With Blue Mondays – Here’s Ecstatic Pop Trinity MAINLAND With Stimulating New Single… ‘HOMETOWN’

Weekly vibes to kick Blue Mondays in the ass

19 February 2018

New York-based trinity MAINLAND will turn your Blue Monday into a joyful happening. Their new single HOMELAND is a vibrant pop stroke that’ll make you euphoric and give you a boost to scream and dance along. It’s a highly sonic stimulus for young people with doubts. An upbeat encouragement for troubled teenagers. Frontman Jordan Topf explains:

“In writing this song I wanted to channel that feeling of escaping to a big city like New York or Los Angeles and breaking free from the surroundings that haunt your teenage life. A lot of the friends I made and spent time with as a teenager who got stuck in Santa Cruz turned to black tar heroin. I lost many friends to drug abuse. The song is extremely special to me for that reason because I battled to break out of my drug-ridden community to chase my dreams in New York where I met Corey and Alex and formed Mainland. I always knew there was a light at the end of the tunnel. Many children in America are trying to run away from things that may hurt them, destroy their relationships, or lead them down a dark path. I just hope the song inspires people to hang on and chase their passions, knowing that there’s always someone who understands them out there.”

Here we go…

MAINLAND: Website – Facebook – Instagram – Twitter

HOMETOWN – available on iTunes

To Hell With Blue Mondays – Here’s Electro Whomp Duo… VOWWS

Weekly havoc to kick Blue Mondays in the ass…

12 February 2018

Here’s Australian/Iranian electronic duo VOWWS with a second taster titled ESSEFF
off their upcoming LP UNDER THE WORLD, out 2 March via Anti-Language Records.

The pair says the song is “like James Bond spy music updated for the modern world. We wanted to create a sound that felt like you were being chased by something scary, but enticing… like a tornado, or drugs. We embrace menacing intent in our music, but that’s not everything – even the bleakest shit has light in it… so we turn up the contrast and make both sides of
the coin shine.”

Turn Up The Volume says: here’s a mighty electro-glam drone that activates all muscles
in your body instantly, a sturdy hammer that has an immediate effect on your lustful senses. A powerful banger with a head-spinning impact while the accompanying clip emphasizes the scary undertone of this energetic discharge. Press the button right here…

VOWWS: Website – Facebook – Twitter

UNDER THE WORLD – out 2 March – all info here on Bandcamp

To Hell With Blue Mondays – Here Are New York’s Swirling BABY SHAKES…

Weekly havoc to kick Blue Mondays in the ass…

5 February 2018

New York’s multi-voiced quartet BABY SHAKES looks – except for the boy – like a sexy cross between those two fabulous, 60s soul pop nightingale bands The Ronettes  and
The Crystals. And how is the boy looking like, I hear you ask? Watch closely and you’ll
see he’s the lost grandson of the wall-of-sound’s wicked architect Phil Spector. And they sound just like an ardent retro fireball, like a ‘da doo run run’ garage rock turbine. Blustery, brisk and exciting. Totally funny, totally crazy, totally thrilling. To hell with Blue Mondays,
it’s party time right here, right now with flaming torch ANOTHER PLACE..

BABY SHAKES: Website – Facebook – Twitter

ANOTHER PLACE is on their 2017 album TURN IT UP – available here on Bandcamp

To Hell With Blue Mondays – Here’s Singer/Songwriter MARTHA FFION Warming Your Heart With ‘TAKE YOUR NAME’…

Weekly havoc to kick Blue Mondays in the ass…

With her new single TAKE YOUR NAME, Irish-born/Glasgow based singer-songwriter MARTHA FFION takes you back, instantly, to a cold Sunday afternoon in the winter of 1966 somewhere in a crowded ballroom where lovers whisper in each other’s ears on the dance floor. It feels like flashback romanticism, it sounds like Brenda Lee playing softly on
a vintage Wurlitzer for amorous hearts and desirous souls. Here’s the sweet, little pearl…

MARTHA FFION: Facebook –Twitter

Debut LP SUNDAY BEST – out 9 March via Turnstile Music