To Hell With Blue Mondays – Here’s Electro Whomp Duo… VOWWS

Weekly havoc to kick Blue Mondays in the ass…

12 February 2018

Here’s Australian/Iranian electronic duo VOWWS with a second taster titled ESSEFF
off their upcoming LP UNDER THE WORLD, out 2 March via Anti-Language Records.

The pair says the song is “like James Bond spy music updated for the modern world. We wanted to create a sound that felt like you were being chased by something scary, but enticing… like a tornado, or drugs. We embrace menacing intent in our music, but that’s not everything – even the bleakest shit has light in it… so we turn up the contrast and make both sides of
the coin shine.”

Turn Up The Volume says: here’s a mighty electro-glam drone that activates all muscles
in your body instantly, a sturdy hammer that has an immediate effect on your lustful senses. A powerful banger with a head-spinning impact while the accompanying clip emphasizes the scary undertone of this energetic discharge. Press the button right here…

VOWWS: Website – Facebook – Twitter

UNDER THE WORLD – out 2 March – all info here on Bandcamp

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