To Hell With Blue Mondays… Here’s Bulldozer STRUGGLES WITH SYNTAX

Noisy jams to kick Blue Mondays in the face…

25 January 2021

In all the time Turn Up The Volume features the weekly ‘To Hell With Blue Mondays’
this is, without a show of a doubt, the most fitting cannonball ever. Ever! Ever!

The guilty party? STRUGGLES WITH SYNTAX, noise adventurers from London.
The guilty bomb? The fourth and final track from their upcoming EP UK Garage
Floor Fillers Vol. 4

MONDAY BLUEZ is a tempestuous sledgehammer “that focuses on a low ebb and
a kind of desperate outpouring of fury – like screaming into the abyss with a few tins
of Special Brew in hand.”

A hardcore cannonball doing your poor post-weekend hangover-head in with
a hellish two-in-one explosion that’ll make your ears ring until next weekend.

And the clip made me LOL. Each member at home, doing… nothing really,
talking to each other with their mics off, pretending they know the lyrics and
having a smoke and a beer. Yes, looks exactly like a genuine Blue Monday.

Check it out, folks…

All 3, out of the 4 EP tracks
right here on Spotify


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