GRANT LEE BUFFALO – Soulful Debut Album ‘FUZZY’ Turns 25…

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21 February 2018



RELEASED: 22 February 1993 – 25 years ago

ALL MUSIC/Mark Deming wrote: “When Grant Lee Buffalo cut their debut album, 1993’s Fuzzy, they had a distinct advantage over most bands making their first trip to the studio — vocalist and guitarist Grant Lee Phillips, bassist Paul Kimble and drummer Joey Peters had already recorded two LPs together as members of the then-recently defunct Shiva Burlesque, and most of Fuzzy’s 11 songs dated back to SB’s latter days. This goes a long way towards explaining how Grant Lee Buffalo were able to make an album as confident and solidly crafted as Fuzzy, but it was even more significant that Phillips had a marvelous voice, wrote fine and evocative songs, and was fortunate enough to be working with sympathetic accompanists who had a good idea of how to tap into the mysterious melodic structures of his music. Fuzzy is deep and mysterious stuff, but also very beautiful and crafted with imagination and care, and it’s no wonder Grant Lee Buffalo became critic’s darlings shortly after this was released. No wonder Grant Lee Buffalo became critic’s darlings shortly after this was released.”
Michael Stipe said: “The best album of the year hands down.”

TURN UP THE VOLUME! says: magnificent Americana songwriting and Grant-Lee Philips‘ outstanding voice. All songs fueled by profound passion and vocal intensity.
A truly gripping, high-quality unity.

THREE HIGHLIGHTS: Fuzzy / You Just Have To Be Crazy / Jupiter And Teardrop

* FUZZY – intoxicating splendor

* YOU JUST HAVE TO BE CRAZY – haunting and spellbinding

* JUPITER AND TEARDROP – (live version)

FUZZY in full


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