PLATTENBAU Returns With New Psychoneurotic Track & Clip ‘SLEEP/PARALYSIS …

Vibes that thrill us in a way we want to scream out loud…

22 February 2018

Who: Trio formed in 2011 by Welsh multi-instrumentalist Lewis Lloyd and Swedish guitarist Hans Tobias. Holed up for months in the cold Berlin winter, they took inspiration from the ex-communist architecture, old rock and roll records and new age mysticism to create their own
unique brand of cold-edged woozy noise-punk for a post-ideological world. American drummer Brandon Walsh joined in 2014. Their debut LP came out in 2016. After Hans Tobias left the band, Justin Hunter joined the band in 2017.”

Track: SLEEP/PARALYSIS – new single
Score: here’s some electrified electro paranoia with tribal drums controlling the trip’s thundering Krautrock tempo with a never-ending beat while a neurotic vox is about to go berserk just before buzzing guitars take over and precede a shadowy, tenebrous finale. Haunting score! Is there a psychiatrist in the house? Release the bats, right now…

SLEEP/PARALYSIS and b-side SLAVE/SHIP out now – available here on Bandcamp

PLATTENBAU: Facebook / LABEL: Duchess Box Records

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