Das Belgische Lebenslied Orchester ELEFANT Is Sharper Than German Knives…

ELEFANT – Kinky Star, Ghent, Belgium – 21 February 2018

For those who still haven’t a clue about who das Belgische Lebenslied Orchester ELEFANT
is I can tell you that this mumbo jumbo combo consists of one nutcase, one screwball, one cuckoo and one wacko. Together they are four deranged noiseniks making Krautmetal music and screaming German nonsense all over it. Let’s have a closer look at all these wicked characteristics, so you can understand who these white monkeys actually are…

NUTCASE according to the Cambridge Dicktionary
“Someone who behaves in an extremely silly way or
an offensive term for someone who is mentally ill.”

WACKO according to Cambridge Dicktionary
“A person whose behaviour is strange and different
from that of most people.”

SCREWBALL according Dicktionary.Com
“A whimsically eccentric person, totally nuts.”

CUCKOO according to Oxford’s Dicktionary
” A silly or slightly crackbrained person.”

“Raus, raus, raus, Schweinehunden!
Alles hat ein Ende nur die Wurst hat zwei!
Das Leben ist so krank wie ein Elefant!”

KRAUTMETAL according to Turn Up The Volume’s Dicktionary
“Loud racket made by a nutcase, a wacko, a screwball and a cuckoo.”

They SOUND like this…

… and this

…and this too

They LOOK like this…





I hope, dear readers you’re all aware now of what this mental gang is all about!
Danke für Ihre Aufmerksamkeit, liebe Leserinnen und Leser, auf Wiedersehen…

Spreading the Elefant virus in Ghent

ELEFANT: Facebook – Bandcamp

(All concert pics by JL/Turn Up The Volume!)

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