COCAINE PISS With Another Earth-Shaking Experience And First Gig For New Bass Player FARIDA AMADOU…

COCAINE PISS – Juvenes Club, Zele (Belgium) – 24 February 2018

If you’re a dedicated Turn Up The Volume! follower you’ll know that we’re hooked on Belgium’s hardcore junkies COCAINE PISS. This 4-headed punk machine is definitely
the coolest, most outspoken and noisiest gang in a very long time. They are not about traditional songwriting. They are about head-smashing havoc. They are not dealing with the birds and the bees. They deal with borderline emotions. Their sonic blasts rarely last more than 2 minutes. Demonic, savage and plain-spoken. A mighty tumultuous and deeply committed unit, fronted by the incomparable AurĂ©lie Poppins who loves to communicate directly with the audience, eye-to-eye and head-to-head. You just become an obsessed fan after the first acquaintance. If you’re living on the planet of Mars and never heard of them here’s a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious idea of their merciless energy with a very special guest…

Last Saturday the band played their first show with new, wonderful bass player FARIDA AMADOU . It was another explosive encounter, another half hour of extreme passion and roaring detonations. Here’s the tornado in pictures…

Welcome Farida

“I have my eyes on you…”

Wham bam, bloody big bang

While my guitar fiercely weeps

Back in two seconds

Play that funky bass

This is no fashion show

Second LP THE DANCER in full…

COCAINE PISS: Facebook – You Tube / Label: Hypertension Records

(all concert pics by JL/Turn Up The Volume!)


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