Sweden’s Outlandish Dancey Duo ‘ShapeShiftingAliens’ Show Their Electronic Face…

Weekly vibrations to soundtrack your favorite 48 hours…


10 March 2018

ShapeShiftingAliens is a Swedish duo, consisting of experienced musicians Niklas Rundquist and J.P Cleve. Their inventive work appealed to Nolan Cook of renowned, experimental avant-garde collective The Residents, leading them to collaborate
with one another on ‘Shadows‘, the final track from their 2017 eponymous album…

And here’s the dancey tandem’s newest single SHOWING MY FACE. A sparkling electro humdinger that is both highly catchy and weirdly intriguing. Singer Cleve‘s distinctive vox balances somewhere between the legendary voices of David Bowie and Gary Numan while the song’s electronic dynamic echoes The Sisters Of Mercy‘s darkest and most reflective moments. Find out what I try to stutter right here, right now…

ShapeShiftingAliens: Website – Facebook –  Twitter – More SSA music on Bandcamp

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