Happy 70 To… Guitarist/Songwriter/Singer GEORGE KOOYMANS From King-Sized Rock Legends GOLDEN EARRING…

11 March 2018

GEORGE KOOYMANS started a band in 1961 (!) when he was only 13 with his buddy, bassist Rinus Gerritsen. Four years later this group was named GOLDEN EARRING. A brilliant Dutch rock force with a notable international status, mostly thanks to timeless magnum opus Radar Love. They scored countless classic hit singles and significant albums and are after more than 50 years still a blazing live turbo. Kooymans wrote many of their top songs, he was the guitarist, occasionally the main singer and he also wrote songs for many other artists. Happy 70 (born 11 March 1948) to a genuine icon in music’s history. Here are three Golden Earring crackers to start George‘s birthday party…

* JUST A LITTLE BIT OF PIECE IN MY HEART (1967) sung by Kooymans…

* BUDDY JOE (1972) also sung by Kooymans…

* RADAR LOVE – 24 Karat Gold classic (1973)

GOLDEN EARRING: Website – Facebook – Twitter

Big time legends still coming on strong

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