TURN UP THE VOLUME’s Jiving JUKEBOX – Here Are Psychedelia Explorers… THE BLACK ANGELS

Only the greats can fill a jukebox with memorable moments…

24 March 2018

Texan psychedelic turbine THE BLACK ANGELS are one of Turn Up The Volume‘s favorite mind-expanding sound explorers (last year’s ‘Death Song‘ LP is their masterpiece so far). Since 2004 these far-out angels are actually making soundtracks to be played in hell…

Astounding grooves and transcendent vibes that glow in the darkness. Spine-chilling trips exploring the dark side of humankind and the obscure complexity of people’s inflammable emotions. They operate in a sonic galaxy of their own on a quest for pure sanity. After five mesmerizing albums, this psychotropic unit created enough monumental compositions, towering orchestrations and staggering jams to fill a Wurlitzer. Dim the light, put on your headphones and travel to another universe. Here are Turn Up The Volume‘s 15 picks…

The songs were selected from the following albums (and one EP): Passover (2005) / Directions To See A Ghost (2008) / Phosphene Dream (2010) / Indigo Meadow (2013) / Clear Lake Forest (EP – 2014) / Death Song (2017)

THE BLACK ANGELS Website – Facebook –  Twitter 

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