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27 March 2018



RELEASED: 29 March 1993 – 25 years ago

BBC MUSIC wrote: “Feted as the ‘best new band in Britain’ before they’d even released a single, Suede must surely be the one band of the Britpop pack who had to endure the most fallout from press. Yet, they survived. A large amount of this was because their debut album actually did live up to the noise. To be fair ‘Suede’ does carry its influences on its sleeve, but this was 1993 and post-modernism was the flavour du jour anyway. Suede’s main sources were Bowie and the Smiths. But the band had enough chutzpah and originality to weather the comparisons with ease. Bernard Butler’s awesome technique was the ace in the pack. Propelling three-minute bursts of pop perfection like “Metal Mickey” and “The Drowners” into the singles charts, the bands’ sham-glam reeked of a new kind of decadence, laced with black humour. The key text here is “Animal Nitrate”. Despite its punning title it’s a thrill-seeking slice of cynicism that perfectly summed up what it was like to be young and chemically imbalanced in the nation’s capital at the time. This was a foreshadow of Blair’s Britain. The way it sold (the fastest selling album of all time and straight in at number one) showed that the public not only believed the hype, they wanted it. All wrapped in androgyny and attitude, Suede delivered everything that we’d hoped for and more. Their fortunes were never to be as good again.”

TURN UP THE VOLUME says: Suede’s debut LP is their 2nd best next to magnum opus ‘Dog Man Star’. A fully loaded glam rollercoaster filled with a flashing quartet of four stunning singles and neo-romantic ballads. Exciting ride from start to finish.

THREE HIGHLIGHTS: Metal Micky / Animal Nitrate / The Drowners




Album in full…


A 25th Anniversary Silver Edition will be released 30 March – all info right here.

A 25th Anniversary Silver Edition will be released 30 March – all info right here.

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