PICK OF THE DAY – New York’s RICH GIRLS With Broken-Hearted Beauty ‘WAYNE’…

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27 March 2018

I fell in love with New York’s duo RICH GIRLS after playing their harrowing 2016 EP ‘Love
Is The Dealer’
on repeat. Music for the midnight hours. A sonic companion for moony moments. Once you’ve heard singer/songwriter Luisa Black‘s voice you’ll never forget
her vulnerable and passionate timbre as her voice is touched by life, touched by up and downs, touched by melancholy. New track ‘WAYNE’ is another damn fine example of how authentic sentimentality really resonates like. It’s about “Post-addiction romance. Trying to keep the spark alive without the drama of drug-fueled late nights.” says Luisa. Rich Girls’ sound is timelessly human. It has heart, it has soul. Capture its beauty right here…

RICH GIRLS: Website – Facebook –  Twitter – More beauties on Bandcamp

The band’s debut full-length BLACK CITY is out next month via TRICYLE RECORDS

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