Top-notch longplayers from the past

‘Le Tigre’

26 October 1999
Debut album

PITCHFORK wrote: “Radical feminist and anarchist Emma Goldman once said, “I don’t want to be part of your revolution if I can’t dance.” Like Fleetwood Mac before them (but with more politically relevant lyrics than, “All I want is to see you smile/ If it takes just a little while”), Le Tigre’s debut will provide anthems for their target demographic. Fleetwood Mac reached out to hippies and people who liked to look at Mick Fleetwood’s faux-testicles. Le Tigre aims for anyone interested in an addictive pastiche that could ultimately lead to metaphorical “voting-booths” for the cultural and political issues they’re singing about.”

TURN UP THE VOLUME‘s favorite track: HOT TOPIC

KATHLEEN HANNA: Facebook – Le Tigre Story

Hot topics

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