New Romantic Popsmiths SUNFLOWER BEAN Straight To The Major-League On Record And On Stage…

SUNFLOWER BEAN – Trix Club, Antwerp, Belgium – 10 April 2018

New York threesome SUNFLOWER BEAN launched their second full length, titled TWENTYTWO IN BLUE a couple of weeks ago. Compared to their debut album this swirling successor is a massive leap forward. A rapturous record of high-quality power
pop songwriting. From sickly catchy humdingers (Burn It / Crisis Fest / Human For / Puppet Strings) to 60s pop sensibility ( I Was A Fool / Twentytwo / Oh No, Bye Bye). Spirited, sensual and shiny overall. A 18 Karat gold accomplishment. Here’s ‘Crisis Fest‘, one of my favorite highlights…

Compared to their gig two years ago in Brussels, their show yesterday, in Antwerp, was
an entirely different experience. The trio’s confidence, craft and presence on stage, grew stunningly since 2016. Combined with the new big tunes (also thumbs up for their magical rendition of Neil Young‘s Harvest Moon) these bona fide popsmiths are ready for the major-league. Most remarkable to my ears was frontwoman Julia Cumming‘s powerful singing. Her voice turned into a truly confident, alluring and impressive instrument. It also helps
of course when you’re looking/sounding like a cross between Courtney Love, Stevie Nicks and Nancy Sinatra. Here’s romantic gem ‘I Was A Fool‘ telling so much more than what I
can express in words…

Twentytwo In Blue in full…

SUNFLOWER BEAN: Website – Facebook –   Twitter

New romantic popsmiths…

These boots are made for walking

(Signed) setlist

(concert pics by JL/Turn Up The Volume)

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