Electro Trance Powerhouse ‘RUMOURS’ Created Striking Spiritual Magic At Luminous Dash Fest Last Night…

RUMOURS – Cosa Nostra, Aalst (Belgium) – 21 April 2018

RUMOURS is a Belgian electronic unit that became Turn Up The Volume‘s favorite outfit
the ‘world should hear/see ‘ after witnessing this gripping 4-piece three times live in the
past two months and listening countless times to their sparkling debut LP ‘MEGAMIX’
in between. A spiritual electro record that feels as a trance-like excursion. An affecting, enigmatic & hypnotic work of transcendent vibrations. An overall sky-high wall-of-sound, ranging from towering synths symphonies to robust bass-loaded-synths drones.

Yesterday night at the monthly Luminous Dash Fest in the festive city of Aalst these young and inventive musicians nailed it again with ecstatic thrills and king-sized beats
with frontwoman Hannah‘s overwhelming, charismatic vox right in the middle. Due to
the hot European weather, these days, the heat in the small ‘Costa Nostra‘ club hit the
level of sauna degrees. But what happened on and off the stage was worth every single sweat drop as this gig is, undoubtedly, the most magical one I’ve experienced so far this year. FACT! A 2-faced sonic seance where darksome emotions impact the speed of your adrenalin’s flow in an uplifting and fantastical way. Enough talk. Music, maestro, please. If you never heard of this imposing force check this mesmerizing moment and capture the group’s mind-expanding energy right here…

Picture this

Hair-rising electricity

Getting into trance




MEGAMIX album in full…

RUMOURS: Facebook

Available on iTunes

(all concert pics by JL/Turn Up The Volume!)

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