Remarkable albums from the past…

Released: 25 June 1996
Seventh and final LP


ALL MUSIC wrote: “In many ways, Screaming Trees missed their opportunity. They released Sweet Oblivion just as grunge began to capture national attention and they
didn’t tour the album extensively, which meant nearly all of their fellow Seattle bands
became superstars while they stood to the side. After four years, they returned with Dust,
their third major-label album, and by that point, the band’s sound was too idiosyncratic
for alternative radio. Which is unfortunate, because ‘Dust’ is the band’s strongest album.
The band sound tighter than they ever have and their melodies and hooks are stronger,
more memorable, making ‘Dust’ their most consistently impressive record.”

Score: 4/5 – Full review here

TURN UP THE VOLUME says: their best effort and the bridge to the start of adventurous and terrific paths for great frontman/vox Mark Mark Lanegan.’

TOP TRACK: Halo Of Ashes…

ALBUM in full…

SCREAMING TREES: Facebook – All Albums

Photo: Dean Karr

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