Electro-Kraut-Dance-Punk Duo ‘LA JUNGLE’ Thunders Mercilessly Like Supersonic Starfighters…

LA JUNGLE – Café Afsnis, Ghent, Belgium – 13 July 2018

Belgian electro-kraut-dance-punk duo LA JUNGLE is one of the bests live bands around. Fact! Their red-hot avalanche of thunderous beats is simply irresistible to not go totally bananas to unless you’re stuck in a straitjacket. The inflammable 2-piece turbo creates a trance-like, mind-boggling hullabaloo that makes your head spin uncontrollably. Drummer Reggie hits relentlessly like a mean machine. He’s a one-man knockout army. Next to him guitarist Jim produces repetitive riffs that speed up your adrenalin’s stream and now and then he tortures his keyboard like a madman. Despite the fact that he broke a couple of ribs last week didn’t hold him back to perform like a hell-bent demon on a very sweaty mission yesterday night in my hometown Ghent. Together this high-powered pair roars and scorches like supersonic starfighters producing ecstatic electricity that turned the euphoric audience into freakish dancers. I’ve seen these guys before and I want to see them even more in the future. HELL YEAH! Here’s a smashing idea of their explosive
live force…

Pics from yesterday’s show

Rousing riffs

Manic hits


Another sweaty & thirsty night

Electr-o-nic exultation on and off the stage

Ecstasy in motion

Keep the madness going with
their album ‘II’ right here…

LA JUNGLE: Facebook

(concert pics by JL/Turn Up The Volume)

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