SPARKLEHORSE Released His Capricious Top Album ‘GOOD MORNING SPIDER’ Twenty Years Ago…

Going back in sonic history looking for memorable albums…

18 July 2018


Album: GOOD MORNING SPIDER – second longplayer

Released: 20 July 1998 – 20 years ago

PITCHFORK wrote: “Mark Linkous’ second album as Sparklehorse shines an old light on impossible things. He found the purity of pop music and then lacerated it with the quirks and imperfections he cherished. Its songs bleed in and out of each other: an organ drone ends one track and begins another, a strand of tape hiss winds through the work. You can hear machines starting up and stopping again, fingers squeaking across the frets of an acoustic guitar. Linkous had a tendency to sing close enough to the microphone that you could hear the spittle crackling off his teeth, like he’s whispering in your ear or through a tin can strung up with twine.”
Score: 9/10 – Full review here

says: Mark Linkous‘ wayward, delicate, vulnerable, ugly/beautiful, quiet/loud, scary, confused, profound, gloomy, paranoid, raging songwriting – in sound and vision – is nothing less than genial…

TOP TRACKS: Pig / Maria’s Little Elbows / Sick Of Goodbyes




Album in full…

SPARKLEHORSE: Facebook – All Albums

Rest in peace

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