MEET Arty Creepy Crazily Whacky Madly Hurly-Burly Sturm Und Drang Combo DIANE GRACE…

DIANE GRACE – Kinky Star, Ghent, Belgium – 17 July 2018

From Antwerp, Belgium here’s chaotic noise beast DIANE GRACE. A clamorous band you can scare your neighbours with, a theatrical turmoil band you can go totally berserk to, a tumultuous band capable of starting ketchup revolutions in shitty nightclubs, a punk band for psychic patients, a harebrained band of wackos you can cause PANIC with…

Yesterday night they did it again in my hometown Ghent, sounding, looking and acting completely… whizzy, scuzzy, frizzy, queazy, snazzy, exequy, zincky, quacky, jimply, blowzy, jockey, frowzy, jiminy, jangly, jingly, cozily, frouzy, frenzy, manicly, floozy, godverdomme, jalopy, veejay, litzy, peppery, jinny, skivvy, beastie, qwerty, chips with paprika, arty, hazily, japery, chubby, jetway, chuffy, whacky, alkoxy, miljaar, packly and kinky. I have actually no idea what all these bloody words exactly mean, I
just picked them because their nutty sound matches last night’s liberating spirit. I am
sure, this diabolic three-headed monster doesn’t give a flying fuck either of how people perceive them as artists. That is what makes their exuberant sonic exorcism so damn fascinating. Don’t try to analyze them, don’t try to put them in a box, don’t try to even understand them. Just e-x-p-e-r-i-e-n-c-e them…

Some yesterday’s visuals

Heeeeeellllll yeahhhhhh

Play that funky music, white boys

Neanderthal man on a rip-roaring mission

Back to earth


(concert pics by JL/Turn Up The Volume!)

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