SMASHING PUMPKINS Released Breakthrough LP ‘SIAMESE DREAM’ 25 Years Ago…

Going back in sonic history looking for memorable albums…

27 July 2018


Album: SIAMESE DREAM – 2nd longplayer

Released: 27 July 1993 – 25 years ago

ROLLING STONE review: “While debut LP ‘Gish’ was more subtle about its influences,
‘Siamese Dream’ announces them. Guitar solos by Corgan and James Iha are the stuff suburban, ’70s backyard parties were made of, Nugent and Hendrix all the way! But in
the Pumpkins’ mix, the bong-sucking stoner riffs prove intricate rather than wanky. Bill
Corgan and co-producer Butch Vig wrap the whole album in woolly production for that
special garage appeal. But there’s rarely a bum note in this tidy wash of styles, and even
the most chaotic pileups of distortion are painstakingly orchestrated. ‘Siamese Dream’
is a strong, multidimensional extension of debut ‘Gish’ that confirms that ‘Smashing
Pumpkins’ are neither sellouts nor one-offs.”
– Score: 3,5/5 – Review in full here

TURN UP THE VOLUME‘s fav tracks: Cherub Rock / Disarm / Today




Album in full…

SMASHING PUMPKINS: Website – Facebook – All Albums

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