British Post Punk Pioneers WIRE Released Sophomore Album ‘CHAIRS MISSING’ Forty Years Ago Today…

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7 August 2018



RELEASED: 7 August 1978 – 40 years ago

ALL MUSIC said: “The arty darkness of Chairs Missing, combined with the often icy-sounding synth/guitar arrangements, helps make the record a crucial landmark in the evolution of punk into post-punk and goth, as well as a testament to Wire’s rapid development and inventiveness.” – Full review here.

STEREOGUM wrote: “On Chairs Missing, Wire push themselves a lot farther into the avant-garde than they had before. Certainly, Pink Flag is about as strange as a punk album can get without stepping out of the punk aesthetic, but Chairs Missing is an art-rock album played two minutes at a time, at 160 BPMs. A few of the tracks sound like the Wire of old: the stomping ‘From the Nursery’ the bright and jittery ‘Sand In My Joints’ and the hard-rocking closing number ‘Too Late.’ But the real beauty of Chairs Missing is hearing what happens when Wire dials up the weirdness, and that weirdness is really something to behold.” – Full review here.

UNCUT: ” Chairs Missing is where things get interesting. This was Wire’s flowering
as a studio group, marking their first real experimentation with sequencers and synths.”

TURN UP THE VOLUME says: Released 40 years ago? Just incredible. Still resonates highly impressive today and will do so further on in the future! Wire defined post-punk and influenced tons of bands for decades with this irresistible masterpiece. Genial pop originality and waywardness in sound and vision.

RE-ISSUE Edition: info and order facilities right here

OUTSTANDING tracks: I Am The Fly / Practice Makes Perfect / Another The Letter /
Sans In My Joints / Outdoor Miner / Too Late

ALBUM in full…

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