Coming Soon… Post-Punk Legends WIRE With PF456 REDUX DELUXE

26 April 2021

Band: WIRE
Who: Influential post-punk explorers from London.
Active: 1976–1980, 1985–1992, 1999–present
18 studio albums so far

New album: A deluxe edition of PF456 Redux.

An LP released in 2003 featuring tracks from two EPs and 2003 album
Send, all of which were edited in length to accommodate the vinyl format.

2×10” singles + 1×7” single housed in a hardback book designed by Jon Wozencroft, including a 6000 word essay from writer Graham Duff, with new interviews with WIRE’s Bruce Gilbert, Colin Newman, Robert Grey and Graham Lewis, as well as complete lyrics and recording details, plus many previously unpublished photographs. Will also be released
on CD.

Out: On Record Store Day, 12 June 2021 – order into here

Original artwork – 2003…

Original tracklist…


Original album…

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Imperishable Masters Of Post Punk Pop – WIRE Dive Into Their Archives With ’10:20′

2 July 2020

Band: Wire
Album: 10:20 
Released: 19 June 2020

Info: Originally scheduled for RSD 2020 Pink Flag have decided to make 10:20 a regular LP/CD release. A glimpse into Wire’s working practices, when Wire play live there are different 3 classes of pieces that are performed, new songs, old songs and “new old” songs. The latter often involves taking something that existed on a previous release and re-working it, very often evolving a stage highlight from it. There also pieces that have never seen a major release but for some reason never fitted on an album. The best of these ideas were recorded in 2 sessions – one relating to Red Barked Tree but recorded
in 2010 and another relating to Wire’s latest album Mind Hive released in 2020.

AllMusic says: “A collection of reimagined rarities and live favorites that felt just as fresh.
No matter how convoluted the histories of these songs are, they all make the most of Wire’s evergreen strengths. Hearing Wire riff on their past and present so brilliantly makes 10:20
both a dream come true for longtime fans and a surprisingly good introduction to their
music for newcomers.”
Full review here. Score: 4/5

Key phrase: “It’s Beginning To And Back Again.”
Keywords: Music for pleasure, never-changing resplendence, post punk pop, change became them, unwavering new wave wires, the art of stylish survival, timeless inspirators

Album in full…

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The best of the past month…

A swirling fusion of rhapsodic rippers and cool crackerjacks,
that activated my bloodstream and my limbs this past month!
Turn Up The Volume‘s 10 Knockout Tracks for January!

1. ‘Sweet’ by PORRIDGE RADIO
An overwhelming and emotional quietLOUDquiet eruption that does your head in.
New album Every Bad out 13 March. More info and details right here.

2. ‘Ultra Plus Ultra’ by ELEFANT (Belgium)
Motorik stomper, smashing sledgehammer with bloodthirsty guitars & scary synths.
Brand new album BeJAhung out now. Available here.

3. ‘What Can I Say’ by GIANTS OF JERICHO (Australia)
What a glorious stunner! A rousing wake-up call to celebrate each and every day you live.
The band’s debut single from upcoming EP ‘The Fuss And The Feud‘.

4. ‘Closer’ by LAS KELLIES (Argentina)
A funky, bass-driven pop humdinger spiced with an avalanche of contagious guitar lines.
New album ‘Suck This Tangerine‘ out 27th March via Fire Records.

5. ‘Exhale’ by VVYNN (Belgium)
A tower of a song reminding me of PJ Harvey’s electric intensity and spine-tingling voice.
One of the two new singles the band recently shared. Here’s the other song ‘Moaning.

6. ‘Reducer’ by PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS IGS PIGS PIGS (Newcastle, UK)
From their upcoming album Viscerals , out on 3 April.

7. ‘Brain Suck’ by SHADE (Canada)
A red-hot punk ‘n’ roll steamroller with a buzzing turbulence and a sassy swagger…

8. ‘Text Me Back (Chirpse Degree Burns) by DREAM NAILS (London, UK)
Who needs a Bikini Kill reunion when you have Dream Nails now! Text them!….

9. ‘Walls Between Us’ by KATH & THE KICKS (Leeds, UK)
A dynamite stroke about human communication. A kick-ass flare-up with fervent vocals.

10. ‘Cactused’ by WIRE (UK)
The London post-punk veterans still rock like the best with style and finesse.
Their seventeenth album Mind Hive is out now.

All 10 Knockouts together on Spotify

See/hear you next month…

WIRE Released 17th Album Today And It’s Top – Listen Here To ‘MIND HIVE’…

Mind Hive

24 January 2020

Band: Wire (formed in London in 1976)
Album: Mind Hive – the band’s 17th LP.
You can check their full album discography here
Released: 24 January 2020
Score: I know it’s early in the year but ‘Mind Hive‘ is the first great LP of 2020. This imperishable post punk squad made a multi-faceted record with a ravishing mix of vigorous rockers (Cactused / Primed And Ready), gloomy grooves (Be Like Them / Oklahoma), moody reveries (Unrepentant / Shadows / Humming) and the spellbinding stunner and also my favourite piece, the almost 8 minute tour de force called Hung. Young musicians should listen on repeat to this compelling and versatile longplayer and take notes.

Stream the album here…

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Post Punk Legends WIRE Drop New Steaming Single ‘PRIMED AND READY’ From Upcoming Album…

New sonic impulses

British post punk legends WIRE will release their seventeenth (yes, 17) longplayer titled MIND HIVE on 24th January. Its buzzing lead single Cactused was shared a couple of months ago and here’s another new piece. ‘PRIMED AND READY‘ is also a firm rocker
with a cracking synth groove and ominous guitars. A top stroke many young bands
would sell their mothers for.

Feel the heat here…

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Post Punk Legends WIRE Released Influential Album ‘154’ Forty Years Ago Today…

2 September 2019

This day 40 years ago, on 2 September 1979, innovative and influential post-punk legends WIRE released their third, highly acclaimed LP ‘154‘. A great piece of work which had not really much in common with the post-punk/new wave era it was made in, per se. It rather revealed a band that was moving on, on their own exploring and sonically haunting terms which resulted in probably their finest achievement ever although the group made some intriguing longplayers in their third musical life that started back in 1999 and still flourishes today.

Here’s what ALL MUSIC wrote: “Named for the number of live gigs Wire had played to that point, 154 refines and expands the innovations of ‘Chairs Missing’, with producer Mike Thorne’s synthesizer effects playing an even more integral role… The best tracks retain their humanity thanks to the arrangements’ smooth, seamless blend of electronic and guitar textures and the beauty of the group’s melodies… It’s difficult to believe that a band that evolved as quickly and altered its sound as restlessly as Wire did could be out of ideas after only three years and three albums, but such was the case according to its members, and with their (temporary, as it turned out) disbandment following this album, Wire’s most fertile and influential period came to a close.” – Full review here. Score: 4.5/5

Album in full…

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British Post Punk Pioneers WIRE Released Sophomore Album ‘CHAIRS MISSING’ Forty Years Ago Today…

Going back in sonic history looking for memorable albums…

7 August 2018



RELEASED: 7 August 1978 – 40 years ago

ALL MUSIC said: “The arty darkness of Chairs Missing, combined with the often icy-sounding synth/guitar arrangements, helps make the record a crucial landmark in the evolution of punk into post-punk and goth, as well as a testament to Wire’s rapid development and inventiveness.” – Full review here.

STEREOGUM wrote: “On Chairs Missing, Wire push themselves a lot farther into the avant-garde than they had before. Certainly, Pink Flag is about as strange as a punk album can get without stepping out of the punk aesthetic, but Chairs Missing is an art-rock album played two minutes at a time, at 160 BPMs. A few of the tracks sound like the Wire of old: the stomping ‘From the Nursery’ the bright and jittery ‘Sand In My Joints’ and the hard-rocking closing number ‘Too Late.’ But the real beauty of Chairs Missing is hearing what happens when Wire dials up the weirdness, and that weirdness is really something to behold.” – Full review here.

UNCUT: ” Chairs Missing is where things get interesting. This was Wire’s flowering
as a studio group, marking their first real experimentation with sequencers and synths.”

TURN UP THE VOLUME says: Released 40 years ago? Just incredible. Still resonates highly impressive today and will do so further on in the future! Wire defined post-punk and influenced tons of bands for decades with this irresistible masterpiece. Genial pop originality and waywardness in sound and vision.

RE-ISSUE Edition: info and order facilities right here

OUTSTANDING tracks: I Am The Fly / Practice Makes Perfect / Another The Letter /
Sans In My Joints / Outdoor Miner / Too Late

ALBUM in full…

WIRE: Facebook – Website – Discography

WIRE – Released Their Outstanding ‘A BELL IS A CUP… UNTIL IT IS STRUCK’ Album 30 Years Ago…

Going back in sonic history looking for memorable albums…

30 April 2018



RELEASED: 2 May 1988 – 30 years ago

ALL MUSIC wrote: “A Bell Is a Cup…Until It Is Struck is, at heart, an album full of pop songs. Admittedly, they’re mainly peculiar pop songs full of stream-of-consciousness lyrics (“Money spine paper lung kidney bingos organ fun,” goes the chorus of the catchiest song, sung by Newman in a dreamy reverie as if the unrelated non sequiturs were just another love song)
and produced in an oddly detached way that emphasizes the atmospheres over the melodies, but they’re pop songs nonetheless. This album is a work of modern rock genius.”

TURN UP THE VOLUME says: Probably their best achievement in their extensive
– and still ongoing – startling career. Compelling, high-quality songwriting
from start to finish. ”

TOP TRACK: The Finest Drops

Album in full

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10 Historic Debut Albums Turning 40 in… 2017

Looking back in time… monumental moments in sonic history!


Here are 10 memorable debut albums from 1977. A 24 Karat Gold year for alternative music. The undisputed heydays of Punk and New Wave it was, with remarkably inventive and new sounding music coming, mostly, out of the UK and America. No more mega stars, no more special effects to hide the ‘safety and money first’ attitude, no more old-fashioned and unworldly rock and oll pricks acting like doped gods. It was the blessed year when a new generation of young, unexperienced but open-minded and highly talented musicians came out of their smelly basements with impressive longplayers. Unknown adolescents who had the guts and the immense creativity to explore different sonic fields and/or vitalize older vibes with a totally fresh, modern & most exciting approach. Check these
ten masterpieces – turning 40 next year – they still shine LOUD and CLEAR…

1/ ‘Marquee Moon’ by  TELEVISION
Guitar rock never sounded so revolutionary and innovatory. Electrifying garage poetry…

2/ ‘Never Mind The Bollocks Here’s The Sex Pistols’ by THE SEX PISTOLS
The grinning filth and the working class fury. Best punk rock album ever to my ears…

3/ ‘The Clash’ by THE CLASH
Machine-gun riffs, radical sloganeering and kick ass anthems for the desperate ones…

4/  ‘1977’ by TALKING HEADS
A landmark LP in sound and rhythm with a psycho killer like voice on top of it. 1977 indeed!

5/ ‘New Boots And Panties!!’ by IAN DURY
Dury’s razor sharp observations on British life wrapped in stellar pub-rock-disco tunes…

6/ ‘My Aim Is True’ by ELVIS COSTELLO
Before turning in a more classic singer-songwriter Costello showed his Zeitgeist teeth too…

7/ ‘In The City’ by THE JAM
Angry young man Paul Weller and his sidekicks talked fiercely about their generation…

8/ ‘Suicide’ by SUICIDE
Martin Rev‘s deranged electro machines and Alan Vega‘s chilling vocals. S-C-A-R-Y!…

9/ ‘Pink Flag’ by WIRE
Probably the most adventurous and unconventional album of all this 1977 madness. ACE!

10/ ‘Damned Damned Damned’ by THE DAMNED 
First punks to release a single (the brill New Rose), first to release an LP. Underrated havoc!