Leeds’ Ardent Rock Engine KATH & THE KICKS Steams On Their Newest Single ‘WALLS BETWEEN US’..

21 January 2020

Last July Leeds’ boosting rock ‘n’ roll engine KATH & THE PICKS caught my aural attention
with their vigorous and exotic sounding cracker ‘Let It Out’. Their newest single ‘WALLS BETWEEN US’ is even a more energetic eruption.

It’s a song about: “about a complete miscommunication, being lost in how to relate to those around you and feeling that the chance to do so is slipping away. The song disconnects you from the real world where things make sense, and the ‘other’ world where nothing is real. This
is a really strong power-house anthem for us, the structure is powerful and the progressions are clear. Quite the opposite of how the person in the song is feeling.”

Walls Between Us‘ is a dynamite stroke with Kath‘s persuasive and imposing vox right
in the middle of this kick-ass flare-up backed by a thunderous drum/bass turbine and
Kath‘s turbulent guitar play. Its stormy flow, its emotional intensity and its overall robust force will have an instant impact on your ears and your speakers.

Check out why right here…

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