Bands That Matter! Here Are Five Reasons Why Belgium’s Intergalactic Electro Orchestra ‘RUMOURS’ Are Impressive…

A Belgian electro dance outfit featuring Hannah Vandenbussche, Stefanie Mannaerts, Jonas
Boermans and Pieter-Jan Cools
. Here are 5 reasons why this unit is so impressive & matters.

Their overwhelming Wall-Of-Towering-Electro-Beats-Booms-Drones-Sound is truly
spine-tingling, hypnotizing and symphonic. They resonate like a high-voltage, intergalactic orchestra having a trance-like party at the dark side of the moon. Here’s an idea of their sonic vision and vocal grandness…

Frontwoman Hannah‘s vox is one of a kind, blessed with a monumental range,
a vehement potency and a stupendous intensity. Her stage passion is just staggering.

The band released their debut longplayer MEGAMIX early this year. One of this year’s
best albums for Turn Up The Volume. Why? Here‘s why. Stream the darksome diamond…

Despite the overall gloomy timbre of their whole-hearted music they stay in touch with the real world and have a great sense of humour. Check here their hilarious ‘Pew Pew‘ clip…

Their live performances are stunning, every single time! But the most memorable show they played so far was their prestigious and triumphant album-release-party concert in the world famous St Bavo’s Cathedral in my hometown Ghent, Belgium on 14 March of this year. I’ve been to so many gigs in my life that I lost track of the exact number a long time ago. But what I do now is that RUMOURS played an unearthly and highly mystifying show in that massive holy building where the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb painting has its place for ages (actually since 1432). In short: it was nothing less than a unique experience…

Pic by Rumours

RUMOURS: Facebook – iTunes

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