Irish Post-Punk Generator FONTAINES D.C. Played A Rousing Live Set For KEXP Radio In SEATTLE…

Smashing live performances

Last May Turn Up The Volume saw one of the most striking and significant young
bands around playing a feisty gig in Brussels (review here.) FONTAINES D.C. is
a ferocious 5-headed post-punk generator out of Ireland, with raging frontman
Grian Chatten spitting and sneering in a frenzied Mark E. Smith way while the
band thunders ominously. So far the group released three biting singles. One
of them LIBERTY BELLE was performed, a couple of months ago, as part of a
live set for KEXP Radio in Seattle. A fab radio station promoting terrific alt
and indie artists from around the globe for years now.

Experience the stirring vitality and killer vibrancy
of up-and-coming gunslingers Fontaines D.C. here…

The rousing 25-minute set now in full online here

FONTAINES D.C.: Facebook –Twitter –  Spotify

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