BABYBIRD Released His Puzzling Album ‘THERE’S SOMETHING GOING ON’ 20 Years Ago…

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22 Augustus 2018

ARTIST: BABYBIRD (Sheffield, England)

ALBUM: THERE’S SOMETHING GOING ON – Stephen Jones‘ moniker’s (official) 2nd LP

RELEASED: 24 August 1998 – 20 years ago

ALL MUSIC review: “‘There’s Something Going On’ is the tender conclusion, suggesting that Jones knows there’s a better way of life than obsession and self-torture. ‘There’s Something Going On’ is definitely Baby Bird’s most subtle album, and it’s a fascinating listen from start
to finish.
” – Full review here

NME wrote: “An album that – at the risk of sounding like the kind of armchair psychologist
who thinks Ally McBeal contains Freud-like wisdom – deals with what it means to be a man in the late-20th century… Self-pity, self-loathing and staggering narcissism – no matter how you look in a skirt, it’s a universally thrilling combination. Buy this record for the one you adore.
You know you’ll love it.”
– Full, review here

TURN UP THE VOLUME says: Babybird was/is an underrated modern times crooner
with a profound vision on being human wrapped in highly infectious melodies/songs.
Favorite tracks: It’s Not Funny Anymore / If You’ll Be Mine / Back Together / First Man On The Sun / The Life / All Men Are Evil

ALBUM in full…

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