DEVO Stunned 40 Years Ago With Release Of Debut Album ‘Q: ARE WE NOT MEN? A: WE ARE DEVO!’…

Going back in sonic history looking for memorable albums…

27 August 2018

Band: DEVO (Akron, Ohio, US)


Released: 28 August 1978 – debut LP

ROLLING STONE wrote back then: “What’s Most Impressive about ‘Q: Are We Not Men?
A: We Are Devo!’ is its authority: Devo presents their dissociated, chillingly cerebral music as
a definitive restatement of rock & roll’s aims and boundaries in the Seventies. Brian Eno’s production is the perfect complement to Devo’s music. Eno thickens the band’s stop-and-go rhythms with crisp, sharp layers of percussive sound, full of jagged edges and eerie effects
that whip in and out of phase at dizzying speeds. Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! is a brittle, small masterpiece of Seventies pop irony, but its shriveling, ice-cold absurdism might
not define the Seventies as much as jump the gun on the Eighties.”
– Full review here.

Turn Up The Volume! says: Devo gave all artists/labels who took themselves way too serious the middle-finger. Their inventive wacko act/sound stunned the music scene.
Top stuff you can move to in mysterious ways! Inventive misfits!

Anecdote: After David Bowie received a tape of Devo demos he shouted that they were
the band of the future. Iggy Pop, Robert Fripp, and Brian Eno also got the same tape and
the question if they were interested to produce the band. In the end, it was British sound wizard Brian Eno who landed in the production chair.

Three Top Tracks: Jocko Homo / (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction) / Shrivel-Up




DEVO: Facebook – Website – All Albums

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