The Sound Of JOY DIVISION Orchestrated At London’s Majestic Royal Albert Hall In July 2019…

25 September 2019

PETER HOOK, legendary bass player of iconic post-punk band JOY DIVISION is set to revisit the band’s repertoire with Manchester Camerata for a special date at London‘s majestic Royal Albert Hall on Friday 5th July 2019.

Curated by Hook who acts as Executive Producer for the project alongside Musical Director Tim Crooks, the concert will be the first time that an original member of the classic group has participated in such a project and the duo are presently arranging the band’s decisive back catalogue for the concert. More info right here.

London’s CARNIVALS Impress Significantly With New Single ‘SIGNS’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

25 September 2018


Who: “Home-grown talent from South East London and Dartford producing a modern interpretation of Rock and Psych. Their music culminates in a sound that is rich, dark
and full of explosive hooks and resounding character.”

Pick: SIGNS – the band’s newest single

Score: Signs is what big anthemic pop is all about. Sky-high tunefulness, towering orchestration, riveting vocals and a striking chorus that sticks as first-class glue.
Carnivals will arouse all of your senses, activate your adrenalin’s flow and give
your mood a boost. Press the button, here’s the sonic fuel…

CARNIVALS: Facebook – Instagram –  Twitter


Remarkable albums from the past…

‘The Soft Bulletin’ by THE FLAMING LIPS
Released: 17 May 1999 / The band’s 9th longplayer

ROLLING STONE wrote: “The eccentric Oklahoma outfit Flaming Lips serenely release another baffling, winning, neo-psychedelic recording. Densely textured, awkward but somehow melodic, The Soft Bulletin finds these pop oddballs with their poker-faced humor firmly intact… Their music isn’t, how you say, universally accessible, and the weirdness gets same-y, but no one
else has posited a parallel universe in which the Sixties and the Nineties exist simultaneously, allowing for a peculiarly convincing brand of monolithic robotic swirl.”
– Full review here.

TURN UP THE VOLUME! says: The Flaming Lips are The Wizards Of Oz Rock creating a fairytale universe with both elves and demons, with good ones and bad ones and
other-worldly symphonies that transfer you to a never-never land full of rainbows…

THREE TOP TRACKS: The Gash / Race For The Prize / Waitin’ For A Superman




ALBUM in full…

THE FLAMING LIPS:  Website – Facebook – Discography

The Wizards Of Oz Rock

(photo: Turn Up The Volume! Antwerp, Belgium 2017)

THE MUTINEERS – Portland’s Roots Rockers Triumph With Brand New ‘THRESHOLD’ EP…

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Portland’s husband/wife duo THE MUTINEERS just released their brand new 5-track EP, entitled ‘THRESHOLD‘. It’s their fifth official release, but their 2nd since becoming a two-piece in 2016 and it’s a complete musical triumph. A truly amazing Americana and blues-rock influenced achievement. From swaggering rocker Hard Sell and red-hot bonus track Drug For That, to heavy-hearted reveries Couldn’t Get Over You – with the pair sounding like a modern-day Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood – the intense Afterthought with its glorious Neil Young-like guitar sequences and the stripped to the bone passion of acoustic Hourglass. Nothing but captivating crackers. Some to go nuts to, some to cry your eyes out to. Songs that ‘feature characters who are flawed, stubborn and struggling with their demons.’ Songs that sound for real with a natural, from the heart and soul, feel. And last but not least songs that come totally alive thanks to the impressive voices of both guitarist Brian Mathusek and spouse/drummer Merry Young. Overall a terrific score. Capture all the stirring splendor right here…

THE MUTINEERS: Website – Facebook – Twitter

THRESHOLD available via Bandcamp (with bonus track) and iTunes

Here’s The Legendary CAPTAIN BEEFHEART’s Reincarnation TZITZIFRIKI Going Paranoid On New Single ‘HIGH TEMPO LAUGH’…


Who: A one-man music act created and performed by Sotiris Z. He was born in Ohio, US in 1995, moved to Greece when he was 7. After playing and recording with several bands he just released his solo debut album ‘Sun Sneeze‘.

Track: HIGH TEMPO LAUGH – first single from the album – a song about “an awkward feeling that peoples’ expressions and actions just don’t seem to make sense, and a general paranoia I have about passive-aggressive behaviour.”

Score: I’m quite sure this far-out musician is the sonic reincarnation of Captain Beefheart, the legendary, experimental blues rocker with his hellish vox. If you sound that freakish, that paranoid, and that kooky while trashing your creepy out of tune guitar like a madman on a maniacal mission and when you add a satanic sax to make sure that people will get scared when listening to you, than you’re definitely a spiritual descendant of The Captain. Have yourself a nervous breakdown right here…


Debut album SUN SNEEZE out via TBMR Records  – all info & order facilities right here

JOHNNY MARR Shares Pounding Glam Rocker ‘JEOPARDY’…

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23 September 2018

JOHNNY MARR launched his third, stupendous solo album Call The Comet 
last June. He just started a North American tour and simultaneously shared
new shaking track JEOPARDY. Formerly available only as the vinyl B-side to
the album’s lead single Hi Hallo and it actually sounds more like a truly bona
fide A-side. Here’s the thumping crackerjack…



Singer/Songwriter RUFUS WAINWRIGHT Released Magnificent Album ‘WANT ONE’ 15 Years Ago…

Going back in sonic history looking for memorable albums…

23 September 2018


Album: WANT ONE – third longplayer

Released: 23 September 2003 – 15 years ago

PITCHFORK review: “A Renaissance man in modern application, Wainwright’s grand
scope here covers a great deal of space and unwittingly mines the ground dug out by
many a contemporary artist. With multitracked vocals and lush, complex arrangements
(both, Wainwright staples), the ghost of Brian Wilson seems a ubiquitous presence…”

Full review here.

TURN UP THE VOLUME! says: Fascinating vox. Fascinating songwriting.
Fascinating orchestrations. Overall a magnificent score!

ALBUM in full…

RUFUS WAINWRIGHT: Facebook – Website – Discography