Here’s The Legendary CAPTAIN BEEFHEART’s Reincarnation TZITZIFRIKI Going Paranoid On New Single ‘HIGH TEMPO LAUGH’…


Who: A one-man music act created and performed by Sotiris Z. He was born in Ohio, US in 1995, moved to Greece when he was 7. After playing and recording with several bands he just released his solo debut album ‘Sun Sneeze‘.

Track: HIGH TEMPO LAUGH – first single from the album – a song about “an awkward feeling that peoples’ expressions and actions just don’t seem to make sense, and a general paranoia I have about passive-aggressive behaviour.”

Score: I’m quite sure this far-out musician is the sonic reincarnation of Captain Beefheart, the legendary, experimental blues rocker with his hellish vox. If you sound that freakish, that paranoid, and that kooky while trashing your creepy out of tune guitar like a madman on a maniacal mission and when you add a satanic sax to make sure that people will get scared when listening to you, than you’re definitely a spiritual descendant of The Captain. Have yourself a nervous breakdown right here…


Debut album SUN SNEEZE out via TBMR Records  – all info & order facilities right here

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