Electro Turbo BIG TIME KILL Release Red-Hot-Blooded Debut Album ‘SHOCK AND AWE’ – Discover It Here… Track By Track

3 October 2018

BIG TIME KILL is a blazing electro-rock duo formed in Boston, back in 2014 by multi-instrumentalist and producer Adam Schneider and his friend/multi-instrumentalist
Ben Caccia. After their 2015 debut EP the scorching tandem, influenced by industrial
noise devils such as Nine Inch Nails and Killing Joke just released their first full length entitled SHOCK AND AWE. A totally steamy body of volcanic work injected with flaming electro trash eruptions boosted by obstreperous synths, hammer-blow drum machines, diabolical guitar frenzy and Schneider‘s anxious vocals all over it. This firstborn is a gusty
beast that will have a titanic impact on your ears and your speakers. Please welcome
Adam Schneider who will tell you more, track by track, about the pair’s red-hot-blooded powerhouse…

Here’s the music

Here’s the breakdown track by track

1. Carbon
“Short and sweet. Carbon‘s all about contrast and uncertainty/anxiety, which are themes that carry throughout the rest of the album.”

2. Body Talk
“I remember listening to a lot of The Stooges’ Fun House when we started working on this track. I really admire the visceral energy on that album and wanted to channel that into ‘Body Talk‘s performance.”

A stooge influence

3. I Don’t Care Anymore
“I’m a sucker for funky beats and I always wanted to work slap guitar into a song.
This track’s about how we’re constantly bombarded with information to the point
where it all becomes white noise.”

4. DTs
“DTs is kind of like a journey where my hip-hop and progressive rock influences stick
out a little more. The title refers to Delirium Tremens which is a form of withdrawal.”

5. Don’t Need You
“We probably have 3 different completed arrangements of ‘Don’t Need You‘ that
we experimented with, and this one was the most dynamic and interesting to us
in the end. The saxophone solos are done by our friend Patrick Medina who gave
us killer performances which I then glitched and mangled in post-production.”

6. Evil
“This was the “let’s throw everything we can at this including the kitchen sink” track. Lots of mood shifting and changeups, with some great backup vocals by our friend Angelika in
the band Brighter Than A Thousands Suns. Watching the show Twin Peaks for the first
time also influenced this track’s composition and lyrics.”

From Twin Peaks to Evil

7. Shock and Awe
“The title track was actually the last song written and completed for the album. I’m a big fan of the Bomb Squad‘s noisy sample-based production on the Public Enemy albums, and
I wanted to use those techniques to make something industrial and funky that summed
up all the ideas we were trying to capture on the album.”

8. Answer
“Another dance track mixing funk and industrial vibes together. This song is about
how we attach ourselves to different things to give our life meaning and how it can
be difficult to break away from those things, for better or worse.”

9. Echo Heart
“A lot of our songs are pretty upbeat, and Echo Heart is an experiment in slowing
things down, getting a little moodier, and seeing what happens in our writing. I still
love the shoegaze-influenced guitar sounds we got on this one, and the song’s ending
is one of my favorite moments on the album.”

10. Overload
“One of the very first songs I ever wrote for this band and it’s what we’ve usually been closing our shows with. The energy we try to pack into this song live took a lot of effort
to capture in the recording, but I think in the end we finally got it. Someone at a gig once described this track as “Ministry on speed” and I’d say that’s pretty accurate.”

Ministry on speed

11. Failed Regeneration
“While making this album I also worked on scoring a video game, which made
me want to create something cinematic and a bit darker than unusual.”

Thank you, Adam Schneider, for all the info.
May the road rise with BIG TIME KILL!

SHOCK AND AWE is available on Bandcamp (name your price)
and iTunes – you can stream the record als on Spotify….

Photo by James Dattolo of A Curious Production

BIG TIME KILL: Website – Facebook –  Twitter

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