COUNTY LINE RUNNER Creates Sky-High Sound On New Track ‘WIDE EYES’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

3 October 2018

(pic via County Line Runner – promo phot press)

British singer/songwriter ADAM DAY aka COUNTY LINE RUNNER impressed Turn
Up The Volume
early this summer with Americana-like beauty Hard To Find and does
the very same thing with new track WIDE EYES. He told Clash Magazine that the song is
about someone coming to terms with parts of their personality they didn’t know existed. The realisation that going back is now harder than moving on”.

Again, Day creates an outspread, dynamic sound that infiltrates your eager ears instantly and entirely. You get the overwhelming feeling that the song’s contagious melody is up there, sky-high, filling the whole airspace. This is pure classic pop songwriting. This is a delightfully striking humdinger. Great vox, great performance overall. Enjoy here…

COUNTY LINE RUNNER: Facebook – Twitter

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