THE YADA YADA YADAS Are Full Of Electric Love-Driven ‘HUMAN EMOTION’…

Vibes that make us scream

23 November 2018

Band: THE YADA YADA YADAS (craziest name of the month)

Who: From Durham, UK here’s “a band who have truly mastered the craft of writing beautifully silly pop songs, and burying them deep beneath piles of dirt, feedback, and uncompromisingly creamy fuzz.”

Track: HUMAN EMOTION – new single – a song “about a future full of brains in jars and living in a black mirror episode, yet it somehow comes back round to being a love song, as
all music does. I also feel like ‘Human Emotion’ is the most 80’s title for a song we could have thought of, and it really adds to the nostalgic feel”
says the band

Score: Imagine swaggering legends The Charlatans teaming up with the idiosyncratic Flaming Lips for a sweet love song injected with an avalanche of multi-layered, far-out guitar eruptions. Fully charged, desirous and touching, all at the same time. Experience
the ardent, human emotions right here…

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