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9 December 2018

TWILIGHT FIELDS is the moniker of DIY singer-songwriter Allister Thompson who is based in Ontario and has been around for several years, playing in different bands as
well as making solo records. He has announced his new album Songs From The Age
Of Ruin
, planned for release in early 2019. A longplayer that pays grateful homage to
such artists as Billy Bragg, Killing Joke, Midnight Oil, The Levellers, as well as other great musicians influencing his music like Leon Rosselson, Bob Dylan, Robert Wyatt & Phil Ochs.

just shared the new single off the LP. A loud and clear attack on demagogic politicians and their deceitful modus operandi to misinform people and create hate,
non-solidarity and inequality. Of course, Donald Trump (He’ll cut your taxes and build a fence), the president of The Divided States Of America, comes to mind but it’s actually
about the evilness of the universal and timeless DEMAGOGUE. About nationalistic
Me, Myself and I‘ leaders worldwide. Gripping song, alarming video clip…

Here’s the new boss on the scene
Always raging, lying and mean
He knows five wrongs erase one right
Just give the masses someone to fight

Someone to hate, someone to hurt
Someone who’s different, sound the alert
Pick those traitors out of the crowd
Make an example, make us all proud

The demagogue is coming

He’ll give you riches at no expense
He’ll cut your taxes and build a fence
To keep out foreigners who’d take what’s yours
Your plastic and metal, all you adore

He’ll usher in the bright white new age
He’ll fight progress and turn back the page
To a past that never existed
A vision of glory so evil and twisted

The demagogue is coming

Take to the streets before it’s too late
You can’t beat him with status updates
His followers ride his wave of hate
This fight is eternal it never will abate

The demagogue is coming

SONGS FROM THE AGE OF RUIN – out 1 February 2019 – more info here

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