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11 December 2018

They are young, they are outspoken, they are ambitious, they rap, they roll, they are alive and kicking. They are DOLORES HAZE doing everything hard. Led by striking frontwoman Groovy Nickz having the looks and the hittin’ and spittin’ dynamics of a young Courtney Love this whimsical trio embodies what blooming glam pop is all about entirely. They combine a great sense of humor with a sharp-edged view on what happens around and with them in daily life. Oh yes, there’s so much more to Dolores Haze than only your eyes can see and only your ears can hear. Find out what exactly right here, after having a banana first…

Hello ladies, let’s roll

1. What motivated all of you to start a band back in 2015
and did you achieve your goals so far?

“Our band actually formed in 2012, we were 14 and 16 back then. Our goals
were to play in Japan and own a Cadillac and we haven’t done any of that stuff
so I guess we didn’t achieve our goals yet.”

2. True or false: Russian-American writer VLADIMIR NABOKOV’s
novel LOLITA inspired the band’s name?

“True, but actually it was the ‘Lolita‘ movie from 1997 that inspired it.
We read the book after we named the band.”

3. Which song do you consider as your signature one after two albums?
” ‘Touch Me‘ and ‘Play Hard Fuck Hard Love Hard‘ cause they are so sad.”

4. What and/or who inspired the new album’s title, theme
and front cover ‘PLAY HARD FUCK HARD LOVE HARD’?

“Our friend Cilia Wagén who is an artist did a painting called ”Love Hard Forever”. She was broken-hearted at the time and Groovy Nickz was inspired by that (and her own broken heart) when she wrote the lyrics.”

5. Sonically the new album moved more to hip-hop and R&B whereas your debut LP was mostly in pop & rock’s area. A conscious step or a natural change influenced by today’s dominating music scene?
“Probably a natural influence by the things we currently listen to. Lucky loves Kanye, Groovy loves Cardi B and Foxy loves Lil Peep. Rock is where all our hearts lie, we all grew up with rock and emo music and are always influenced by it, but we don’t like the idea of being held back by boundaries or genres. We make music we think is good.

6. I really love the album’s romantic, reflective closer ‘WATCH IT BURN’. It feels like this song’s soul and resonance is entirely different from all the other tracks. What is this beauty actually about?
“Thank you. ‘Watch It Burn’ is about that desperate feel you have after you’ve lost someone. You know it’s over and that it’s never coming back still you desperately want to turn back time and make it alright again. It’s sad and it’s handling breakup and we hope people can find comfort in it.”

7. Although it’s 2018 lots of women, worldwide, still need to defend themselves and their identity on this macho male dominated planet. Do you share those same inequality sentiments too?
“Yes, certainly. We’re still far from reaching equality between all genders and until then we have to keep defending ourselves and each other and educating the less-educated. We’re fighting.”

8. Which movie would you pick to visualize the band’s new album on a big screen while playing it in full live?
“200 Cigarettes.”

9. 2018 is almost over. What album and what track will end up at
the top of your end-of-the-year list?

“Album: Midnight Boom by The Kills (although it’s from 2008) and track: Sömnpiller by Duschpalatset.”

10. Plans and wishes for 2019?
“Play in Japan, buy a Cadillac and release more tracks.”

Thank you, ladies, for talking to us.
May the road rise with Dolores Haze!


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(press promo photo on top received via the band)

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