JELLYSKIN Returns With Spiritual Psych Groove – Here’s ‘MOUNTAIN’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

11 December 2018

Band: jellyskin

Home: Leeds, UK

Who: Zia (singing/synth) and Will (guitar/drum machine) are
a sound-exploring duo that started their journey in 2016

Pick: MOUNTAIN – new single

Score: Unlike their previous track Judder, an obscure slo-mo chill-out trip sounding as if
it was recorded in the middle of a freezing cold, pitch-black night, new single MOUNTAIN resonates brighter, more uptempo and richer in orchestration, like an ongoing spiritual psych groove, until you hear the song’s story. It seems that the view from the top of the mountain isn’t exactly sunny. The World Ended With A Gaze / The World Ended With The Air.
I guess our current daily grey reality isn’t over yet. Enjoy the tantalizing beat anyway …

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