British Duo BAT-BIKE Shares Downhearted ‘CHRISTMAS’ Song…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

17 December 2018

I don’t know what inspired Scottish/English outsiders duo BAT-BIKE to write a CHRISTMAS song but its story (biographical or not) certainly isn’t the traditional fake fairy tale about love, peace and jingle bells. Whatever motivated the band, after hearing their miserable, but incredibly gripping festive meditation I only could see sad images of lonely people, of rejected people, homeless people, poor people, just all sort of broken souls without any future whatsoever. Just like that, after the track’s first words and weeping guitar lines, reality kicks you in the face and it’s not an encouraging one as we all know so very well, except for the greedy elite who actually benefits from the troubled world we live in and doesn’t give a flying fuck about all the human beings who suffer. Yes, maybe this one is
for all the broken souls out there…

BAT-BIKE: Facebook

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