Brooklyn’s PARROT DREAM With Synths Standout… ‘LIGHT GOES (IN MINES)’

Reveries for the laziest day of the week…

6 January 2019

Brooklyn‘s based daydreamers PARROT DREAM are a band centered around the Chilean duo of Kiki and Gonzalo. Last August they released their excellent debut LP LIGHT GOES.
A collection of idyllic, tender and emotional pop rainbows. A couple of weeks ago the band shared a video for the opening track LIGHT GOES (IN MINES).

The video stars Kai Pelton, a co-facilitator of the Trans-Generational Theatre Project, with the song reflecting on challenges within relationships between parent and child, and how often much remains uncommunicated and unresolved in these relationships. In turn, the video explores a range of experiences dealing with grief, loss and the struggles connected to these types of relationships. Watch the moving clip here…


LIGHT GOES – stream the LP on Spotify  – all info on Bandcamp

(photo on top: FB Parrot Dream)

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