LOU REED Relesead His Outstanding ‘NEW YORK’ Album 30 Years Ago…

Going back in sonic history looking for memorable albums…

9 January 2019

Artist: LOU REED

Album: NEW YORK – his 15th solo LP

Released: 10 January 1989 – 30 years ago

ROLLING STONE wrote: “In Reed’s apocalyptic vision of the world’s capital as a Boschean inferno, the city’s inhabitants have been shocked into incomprehension by homelessness, poverty, AIDS, child abuse, official corruption, racial violence and drugs. At a time when the city’s own newspapers routinely evoke Calcutta and Bedlam to describe the Big Apple’s rotting condition, Reed’s message, powered by a ferocious four-piece band, slams home with the urgency of tomorrow morning’s headlines… The fourteen songs on New York are fierce, poetic journalism, a reportage of surreal horror in which the unyielding force of actual circumstances continually threatens to overwhelm the ordering power of art. Reed, of course, is no stranger
to unhinging scenes of squalor. On his inestimably influential early albums with the Velvet Underground and through much of his solo work in the Seventies, Reed cast a cold eye on virtually every manner of human excess.”

Turn Up The Volume! says: The way Lou Reed dissects and analyzes the troubled
state of his beloved New York City is baffling and encapsulated in a stunning rock
and roll soundtrack. An exceptional magnum opus realized at a moment that Reed‘s
career was fading away.

Three Top Tracks: Romeo Had Juliette / Dirty Boulevard / There Is no Time




NEW YORK in full…

LOU REED: Facebook – All Albums

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