THE BLACK FEVER Tackles Ruthless Advertising On New Single ‘MARKETING’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

29 January 2019


Who: A Toronto based trio mixing guitar-based post-punk influences with lead bass lines and propulsive drums, while reflecting their focus on melody and concise songwriting. They released 3 albums so far and a new EP is in the pipeline for this Spring.

Track: MARKETING – the song’s idea comes from the group’s following thought: “Sometimes the only art or images we see while going about our daily lives are those trying to sell us something. Walking around Toronto, you feel the oversaturation of advertisement that everyone is inundated with on a daily basis. There’s nothing wrong with selling things, but it
can be oppressive. We need to find a better balance between ads and public art, for art’s sake.”

Score: ‘Marketing’ criticises, rightly so, the unstoppable oversupply of advertising and commercials. The band’s disapproval is wrapped in a stupefying melody steered by new-wavish guitars and reproachful vocals accentuating the song’s topic relentlessly. It won’t stop the greedy marketeers from continuing their merciless pursuit of profit but at least it caused the making of this feverish anthem. Tune in right here…


Available via iTunes and Bandcamp

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