Danish Duo THE OCEANS Know The Cure For Our Troubled Times – Here’s New Single ‘WITHOUT LOVE WE’RE NOTHING’…

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5 February 2019


Who: “Formed in 2014 by Copenhagen multi-instrumentalists Dan Joe & Linus Valdemar, the duo sounds like their city feels – a pulsing, paradoxical sea of chaos, noise, and serenity.”

Track: WITHOUT LOVE WE’RE NOTHING – new single from upcoming EP. A song “written out of frustration, despair and powerlessness, because of all the fucked up things going on in this world; pollution, global warming, climate change, refugee crisis, war, greed, power, corruption and lies“.

Score: History repeats itself all over again. Troubled times stimulate artists to create astounding music. ‘Without Love We’re Nothing‘ is one hell of a dazzling masterstroke. Towering guitars elevate this anthemic score to a sky-high level with harmonious, engrossing vocals all over it. Gloriously melodic and instantly contagious. Stunning performance! Catch the electrical fever right here…

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