DIY Punks THE MEDICINE DOLLS Detonate On New Razorblade-Sharp EP ‘A COMPULSION TO RUIN’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

14 February 2019

Cape Town‘s THE MEDICINE DOLLS are the kind of punk outsiders who do it their own
way no matter what. Anything that recalcitrant duo Greg Allan (Singer/Guitar) and Bex Nicholas (Vocals/Bass) have released so far has an authentic DIY stamp on it. Their messy, screamy and biting hullabaloo fits their way of life, their reality, their state of confusion.

With new 3-track EP ‘COMPULSION TO RUIN‘ the Bonnie & Clyde of basement garage
rock reaffirms their savage appetite for ramshackle sonic havoc. Opener ‘Covered In
is the hottest rip-roaring banger they ever produced. Combining raw rollicking rockabilly riffs with waggish bubblegum pop ooh-la-la’s before heading with forceful intrepidity towards a pungent droning finale is just awesome. The second cut ‘I Don’t Wanna Dance With You’ is a vintage 1-2-3-4 Dolls uppercut with Bex‘s sensuous vox rejecting a dance invitation. Closing track ‘A Conscript To Miss’ is a jagged eruption with snappy, alternating sneering and spitting, filthy organ sequences, and angry guitar hooks.

Time to get up and go berserk, all you maverick minds out there. Release the bats here…


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