ELVIS COSTELLO Released His ‘SPIKE’ Longplayer 30 Years Ago…

Great albums from the past…


14 February 2019


Album: SPIKE – his 12th album

Released: 14 February 1989 – 30 years ago

ROLLING STONE wrote: “Now that New Wave is nostalgia and Elvis Costello has become respectable enough to serve as Paul McCartney’s songwriting partner, you might assume that Elvis isn’t angry anymore. But that would be a not-so-brilliant mistake. Spike — Costello’s first new album after an uncharacteristically long two-year layoff — is a far-flung sampler of his musical genius, a fascinating effort informed by its creator’s justified frustration that his genius is not more widely recognized… Costello has said that Spike — named partly in tribute to the popular musical comedian Spike Jones — is his first comedy record. But the comedy that Costello seems most interested in is the human comedy. Spike is a serious piece of work by any standard, a troubling masterpiece by a man who knows full well that clown time is over.” Full review here – Score: 4/5

Turn Up The Volume! says: A timeless songsmith.

Album in full…
ELVIS COSTELLO: Website – Facebook – All Albums

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