Brand new sonic impulses

13 February 2019

After their 2017 Scream Above The Sounds Welsh rockers THE STEREOPHONICS return today with the release of a stand-alone single called CHAOS FROM THE TOP. Frontman and songwriter Kelly Jones told NME that the song is sung from the “imagined perspective
of a 15-year-old boy laying in the road after being shot. He’s reflecting in his time of dying about his life and the choices he made through the lack of options and opportunities he felt he had in today’s Britain.

Jones added also: “I don’t want this to be dark and all doom n’ gloom, as music is meant to
be a release, but at times also to inform or provoke us. I’m sure like I had, these kids who are victims of knife or gun or any attacks, had other hopes and dreams. The streets are changing in London just like they are changing
in Wales and everywhere else.”

‘Chaos From The Top’ is a supreme and compelling crackerjack growing in strength and vigour slowly but surely. A true tour de force about our troubled times that will grab you by the throat instantly. Magnetizing and spine-tingling power pop this is. Experience the profound passion right here…


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