London’s MADONNATRON Back With Their New Gusty Belter… ‘SUCKER PUNCH’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

21 February 2019

London‘s turbulent indie rockers MADONNATRON are back. Here’s, after their self-titled 2017 debut album and the steamy 2018 single Mermaids, new spooky single ‘SUCKER PUNCH‘. Think “Red Sonja Vs Paris Hilton in the Thunderdome” says the band. In other words this is a flamboyant belter pushed by a solid drum/bass beat, electrified with bloodthirsty guitars while the high-pitched vocals cause that typical, sensual Madonnatron voodoo feel again. The infectious chorus and multiple-voiced gusty finale ensure that ‘Sucker Punch‘ will invade your brain and wander around for some time without asking permission.

Listen/watch right here…

MADONNATRON: Facebook – ‘Sucker Punch’ available via Bandcamp

Beware they only ‘look’ nice

(photo: FB Madonnatron)

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