Infamous Thrash Rockers ROYAL TRUX Return With Cocksure And Brash New Album ‘WHITE STUFF’…

2 March 2019

Finally after 19 years infamous Washington D.C. rockers ROYAL TRUX – duo Jennifer Herrema and former spouse Neil Hagerty – return with a new gloriously trash ‘n’ roll
beast. It was catapulted on the Internet yesterday and I had it on repeat since. All the unleashed tracks that preceded the LP’s release confirmed loud and clear the duo’s new greedy appetite to rattle, rumble, roar, spit and sneer in chaotic duet. The first 2 singles, opener and stomping title track White Stuff and rowdy slam The Year Of The Dog are vintage Trux dirt. Nasty, brash, cocksure and in your face. Perfect shit to start the record!

To catch a bit of breath, turbulent mid-slow broken blues injected grooves Purple Audacity #2 and Suburban Junky Lady (obviously on too much White Stuff) kick in
and move like vicious serpents on a destructive mission. After the funky tumult of
Shoes And Tags comes a surprising rap beat Get Used To It featuring Keith Kool (and already previewed when the pair reunited in 2015). Next up, one of my faves, the greasy Sic Em Slow , followed by the droning Every Day Swan’ (also from the 2015 comeback) and tumultuous wallop Whopper Dave . Barbed wire stroke Purple Audacity #2 has a tumultuous Sonic Youth impact and closer ‘Under Ice‘is pure Royal Trux swagger. I need another couple of spins to discover all crazed hullabaloo details, but one bloody fact is already indisputable. Royal Trux flabbergasted comeback is a stunning achievement. Join me and get intoxicating yourself. Right here, right now…

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Natural born trash ‘n’ roll rockers

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